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See the able, not the label.

David Boehme – Let’s connect @_SENDavid_

SEN, Inclusion

What is inclusion all about and what does it mean to be an inclusive school? And where do we currently stand over here? And what is it like to work in the SEND field?

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 A selection of articles on various topics

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A female teacher in front of a bubble of kids talking with them

Spezial-Interessen autistischer Kinder in KiTa und Schule

Was sind Spezial-Interessen? Wie helfen sie autistischen Kindern und Jugendlichen in Schule u. Unterricht?

Meltdown, shutdown, overload 🇩🇪

Einen Overload vermeiden, bei einem Meltdown / Shutdown angemessen verhalten. Was helfen kann.

Working with portfolios 🇬🇧

How can we possibly use portfolios when we work with autistic students or for pupils and students on SEN support.

Person sitting on the window cill and looking out of the window

Being a TA in Germany during school closure

What happened to us when Corona happened?

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Artikel (nicht nur) zum Thema Autismus in KiTa und Schule …..

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